Prague: TEFL approved… Czech.

After a sleep deprived 4 weeks of a constant struggle between losing grip on reality and the choice of putting another coffee down the hatchet, I can officially say that I am now a TEFL qualified teacher!

It’s true! I am now a graduate of the Oxford TEFL  course and that means I can finally consider myself a tourist in Prague. Except, soon I have to face reality and start working. Am I being forced into becoming an adult? Do I have to give up on being a big child? If that is the case, it’s a worthy sacrifice as I finally have all the qualifications I need to head East to South Korea and achieve my goal of being in Asia. All that is left is to get a job and my documentation together (which takes around 3 months). If all goes to plan I will be in Asia by the end of 2015! So I better continue learning Korean then! But before trying to sort out my life, I have a couple of days relaxation to kick back and enjoy the summer sun.


Harry finally made it to Hogwarts.

That’s right! I finally made it to the castle! Though I forgot to take a picture of it… Typical. So here’s the cathedral instead! This place was my aim for the past four weeks and I finally made it. It was stunning and was obviously worth the visit, the decor was beautiful and the glass work was exquisite, to say the least.

Cathedral glass work

But don’t just get hung up on the big attractions if you come to Prague, just wondering around and finding the little niche places is just as rewarding, if not more.

Depression also hit me over the past couple of days. I got to visit the Jewish quarter. It was fascinating and I wanted to see it no matter what, considering I just did a course on holocaust literature, but you can’t exactly be full of cheer when walking through a graveyard and seeing the names of the masses that were murdered. So that was a cheerful day! But hey, I finished the course and I am heading to South Korea (just keep that cheerful note in mind!)

I don’t know if this was the right thing to do, but I did take pictures to try and capture a small magnitude of the tragedy that took place.


Just a handful of names
Just a handful of names of those that died

On a brighter note, wonderful things are about to take place in my life. I’m heading back home to see my family and then heading to Asia! But I’m sure the post Prague blues will surface very soon. Within the month I have been here, I have made some great friends. It will be upsetting to leave them. They have been great throughout the last month; I don’t know where I’d be without them. I, also, haven’t experienced Prague to the fullest, so to leave with an unfulfilled feeling will nag at me for awhile. But as for that, I am excited to hear about where my fellow expats land up and if they achieve their own ambitions! So, to my fellow  course members, I wish you the best of luck and I hope to see you all soon! Keep in touch!

the last supper

This was one of the last suppers where noona forced us to pose like this! Thanks for everything guys! (Sorry I didn’t have a photo with all of us in)

Well, this is a lovely somber note to leave everyone on, but it’s time for me to Czech out.

So, keep well, and speak to you soon!

And to people who can read Hangul…

안녕히 계세요

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